Salute to the spirit of this child! A beautiful painting made by the child despite not having both hands

It is said that if there is a desire to do something in the heart, then no work is difficult. If you have passion then you can complete every task easily. You must have noticed that people with disabilities usually have a perception that they cannot do anything in life. Similarly, such disabled people also have some dreams and some people keep these shortcomings aside and fulfill their dreams. It is going viral on the media, seeing which you will also salute his courage. In fact, the child does not have both hands. Maybe both his hands were cut off in an accident, but despite this, his spirits were not broken, his dreams were not shattered. With the help of his severed hands  Creates such a beautiful painting that the beholder is amazed. 

In the video you can see that the child is sitting in the school class, where all the children are making some kind of painting but the camera focus is on the child without hands. Stopped, because the beautiful painting of a tree was amazing and touching. You have seen hands making beautiful paintings but those who don’t have both hands, you have hardly seen them making such wonderful paintings. has shared on the social media platform Twitter and has written in the caption, ‘If you want to win every battle, you have to defeat every defeat in life..! ‘. This video has received thousands of views so far, while hundreds of people have also liked this video and given various reactions.

har jang mein karni hai jeet hais toh
Zindagi ki every defeat has to be defeated..!
đź’•@umda_panktiyan #motivation

— Sanjay Kumar, Dy. Collector (@dc_sanjay_jas) September 2, 2022

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