Sahir Ludhianvi on Urdu: Urdu should get preference, Sahir Ludhianvi expressed the same pain 56 years before Javed Akhtar

Sahir Ludhianvi on Urdu: Urdu should get preference, Sahir Ludhianvi expressed the same pain 56 years before Javed Akhtar

I am not the Zumba that came from Arabia
But I am not the tongue-in-law of a Muslim
Somebody go and say this to my friend
This is my house too, I am not a guest…< /strong>

Urdu… such a language of manners which was born in Agra, learned to walk on knees in Delhi and became young after going to Lucknow, today it is the language of the whole of India.  Though some people keep trying to prove Urdu as the language of a particular community by wearing cap on their head and beard on their face, but it is not the language of any one religion but of all Indians. Some people say that Urdu is a cross-border language, that is, the language spoken in Pakistan. It is important to understand here that Urdu is the official language of Pakistan but more people speak Urdu here than there. About one and a half crore people in Pakistan speak and know this language, while in India the number of people who speak and know it is about six and a half crore.

Urdu name Mira is the puzzle of ‘Khusrav’
I am the friend of ‘Mir’ and the friend of ‘Ghalib’ >
The ‘Wali’ of the Deccan played me in the lap
The odes of ‘Sauda’ My beauty increased
It is the glory of ‘Mir’ that he taught me to walk
I am scarred Jasmine blossomed in the courtyard
Khusrav’s riddle in the name Mira in Urdu

Through Mir, Ghalib, Zauk, Sauda, ​​today’s Urdu has covered a long distance on this land of India. Earlier we used to call it Hindavi, then it was called Rekhta, now it is known as Hindutani or Urdu. If you look at the history of Urdu language, its development had started around the year 711. The development of Urdu language began with the Muslim conquest of Sindh in 711. Although Urdu developed more decisively during the Delhi Sultanate (1206–1526) and the Mughal Empire (1526–1858), when the Delhi Sultanate expanded south on the Deccan Plateau, the literary language was influenced by languages ​​spoken in the south. . In this there was a hymn from Hyderabad to Gujarat. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah got the distinction of being the first Saheb-e-Diwan Urdu poet, while Wali Deccani of Gujarat wrote the first Urdu diwan.

Gradually, the tallest forts of Urdu were built in Lucknow and Delhi. After Hindavi, it was transformed into two forms, one of which is known as Hindi, whose script is Sanskrit script i.e. Devanagari and the other Urdu whose script is Persian script which is called Nastaliq. Today’s Urdu is similar to Hindi. There is no significant difference between them. For example, if I say ‘Come visit me at my house’, what would you say? Which language is this? Here the word ‘my’ is Hindi, Makaan and Tashreef are Arabic words, but we use simple language to say Hindi.

Javed Akhtar expressed his pain

Javed Akhtar has also said the same things about Urdu. Javed Akhtar is a very famous lyricist of Bollywood. Recently, the lyricist along with his wife Shabana Azmi launched an Urdu poetry album titled Shayrana-Sartaj. During this, Javed Akhtar talked about the importance of Urdu language and the role of Punjab in its past development and prominence. He also said in this event that Urdu does not belong to Pakistan or Egypt, it belongs to ‘Hindustan’. 

He said, “Many people have a misconception that Urdu is the language of Muslims. I ask which Muslim, the Muslim of Arabia or the Muslim of Afghanistan. The people there do not speak Urdu at all. Actually, the language spoken in India has been taken from many countries and many languages. For example, House is Arabic, Room is Italian, Chitta is Punjabi, Child is Persian, Chef and Gun is Turkish, Pistol is English, Rickshaw is Punjabi. You think, don’t we use these words. Now tell what we are talking about and what language it is. Till now what did we understand by these words. Actually, Urdu and Hindi cannot be separated.”

Sahir had expressed his pain before Javed Akhtar

In the year 1968, Sahir wrote a poem. The occasion was the 100th birth anniversary of Mirza Asad Ullah Khan alias Ghalib, the greatest poet of the 19th century, Sahir’s poem was titled- Jashn-e-Ghalib…. In this poem, Sahir expressed his displeasure against those who Used to declare Urdu as the language of traitors, against those politicians who were working to crush a living language like Urdu. That too living in the city where once the biggest Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib was popular.

The cities where Ghalib’s nine years passed,
Urdu has no name-o-sign in those cities < /strong>
The day Azadi-e-Kamil was announced,
Matub Juban stopped, Traitor’s tongue remained silent

The Ahad-e-Siyasat which crushed this living tongue,
Why does that Ahad-e-Siyasat feel sorry for the dead 
Ghalib who is said to be a poet of Urdu,
Urdu pe sitam dha Why is Kar Ghalib pe Karam 

Sahir also expressed his displeasure over the one day Urdu gathering organized by Urdu academies in the next lines..

These celebrations, these ruckus, are interesting toys,
Some people try, some people get carried away < /em> , skip the celebration

May this celebration be auspicious, but it is also a virtue,
We are aware of reality < /em>
Gandhi or Ghalib, in the eyes of justice,
we are murderers of both, priests are 

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