RN Ravi: ‘Only noise of social justice is heard’, Tamil Nadu Governor said – nothing has changed on the ground

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi Remarks: Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi on Wednesday (April 5) expressed grief over discrimination against Scheduled Caste people at a hospital event in Coimbatore. He said that noise for social justice is heard a lot, but nothing has changed on the ground. He said that in all these years we have been continuously talking about ending social discrimination. Perhaps we have raised the most voice for social justice, but it hurts when news of injustice against Scheduled Castes comes to the fore.

He said that when a Scheduled Caste Panchayat President comes and tells that he is not being allowed to hoist the national flag. This is going to hurt. During the panchayat meetings, the SC presidents are forced to sit in a corner. What kind of social programs do we have to do to end this kind of social discrimination?

‘Crime story very bad’

Governor RN Ravi said that the story is very bad in the case of crimes against the exploited and downtrodden people. He said, “I was looking at the statistics of crimes against scheduled castes and downtrodden people and the response of the criminal justice system. I shocked. In crimes like rape of Scheduled Caste women, only 7 per cent are convicted and 93 per cent get away.” 

Raj Bhavan did this tweet

The Raj Bhavan also tweeted quoting the Governor, which read, “Governor Ravi calls out for the shameful and painful social and institutional discrimination meted out to our Scheduled Caste brothers and sisters of Tamil Nadu, despite the clamor for social justice.” But expressed his pain. It seems that in the absence of empathy, instead of being an initiative to solve serious problems, social justice has become a mere slogan for political gains.”

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