Rice Export: Ban on rice export remains, but ‘these’ people get approval for export

Rice Export: The Modi government has imposed a ban on the export of broken rice from September 8, 2022. The government has taken this decision to control the rising prices of rice. However, now the government has given some relaxation in this decision. The central government has approved the export of 3.97 lakh tonnes of broken rice. The government has allowed those who had taken the contract to export broken rice before September 8. These people had appealed to the government, after which the government informed that it had taken this decision. 

The deadline to export rice is 31 March 2023 

Centre The government can export rice contracted or ordered before September 8, 2022. It is allowed. The deadline for export by the government is 31 March 2023. That means you are allowed to export rice till the month of March next year.

Why the ban on rice export?

The central government has taken steps to control the rising prices of rice in the country. Export of rice has been banned. However, the scope of the ban on rice exports can be extended further. The government had also decided to impose a 20 percent duty on the export of various grades of rice.

India is the largest rice producing country

India is the largest rice producing country after China. The country is considered India accounts for 40 percent of global rice trade. The government has imposed an export duty of 20 percent on basmati rice. The area under paddy crop has decreased significantly in the current Kharif season. In such a situation, the Modi government has imposed restrictions on the export of rice to increase the domestic supply.

Kisan Sabha demands to lift the ban on rice export immediately

Central government has decided to ban the export of broken rice. has taken It has also been decided to impose 20 percent export tax on exports of non-basmati rice. This decision of the government will cause injustice to the rice producing farmers. Therefore, the Kisan Sabha demanded that the central government should immediately lift the ban on rice export. Kisan Sabha has also warned to take to the streets if the export ban is not withdrawn.

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Kisan Sabha : Withdraw ban on rice export urgently, otherwise….Kisan Sabha warns central government

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