Referring to Medha Patkar and Narmada Yojana, PM Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi; Said, along with those opposing Narmada Yojana…

Gujarat Election 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi) is currently on a three-day visit to Gujarat on the occasion of Gujarat Election. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has targeted Congress leaders and Bharat Jodo Yatra without mentioning Rahul Gandhi’s name in a public meeting. Modi said, ‘A Congress leader was seen walking with a woman who had stalled the Narmada Dam project for three decades.’ The Prime Minister also said, “Ask the Congress that you are taking out a padayatra with your hands on the shoulders of those who are against the Narmada dam.” What would have happened if the Narmada Dam had not been built? He also asked this question. 

PM Modi accused Medha Patkar of defaming Gujarat so much that the World Bank stopped funding the project.   A picture of a Congress leader standing with those opposing the Narmada project has been circulated. Modi also alleged that for decades he tried everything to stop the project and ensured that no World Bank money reached Gujarat.

A Congress leader is walking with a ‘sister’ who opposes the Narmada project, defames Gujarat through it, tries to get this project stuck in court

Will you answer such people or not? Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a campaign rally in Gujarat today

— Prashant Kadam (@_prashantkadam) November 20, 2022

‘BJP is getting great blessings from the people’

Prime Minister said, "As a result of our hard work, Gujarat’s agricultural development rate, which was negative, has reached double digits today." The Prime Minister further said that ‘the result of our combined efforts of two decades is that the BJP is receiving the great blessings of the people.’  

Prime Minister Modi said, "BJP’s mission is to make Gujarat developed and prosperous. That is why your blessings are important to me. Citizens of Gujarat Citizens of Kutch-Kathiawad are my teachers and you have trained me."
Participation of Medha Patkar in Bharat Jodo Yatra

By Medha Patkar on November 17 Maharashtra had participated in the Yatra.  Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi was seen discussing with Medha Patkar’s shoulder. BJP had strongly criticized it earlier. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel had questioned Medha Patkar’s presence in the Yatra. He said that "Congress and Rahul Gandhi have repeatedly shown their hatred towards Gujarat and Gujarati people."

Rahul Gandhi will land in Gujarat’s Randhumali for the first time tomorrow
Rahul Gandhi will land in Gujarat’s Randhumali for the first time tomorrow. Tomorrow is rest day for Bharat Jodo Yatra. On that day, two meetings of Rahul Gandhi will be held in Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi’s meeting will be held in Surat at 2 pm and in Rajkot at 4.15 pm. Everyone is paying attention to how Rahul Gandhi responds to the Prime Minister’s statement in these meetings. 


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