Ration Card: A big blow to the ration card holders, the ration cards of lakhs of people will be cancelled, the list is ready.

Ration Card list: There is important news for ration card holders. If you are also a ration card holder, then your card is going to be canceled soon. According to the information received, the ration cards of lakhs of people across the country will be canceled by the central government. Now lakhs of people of the country will not get the facility of free ration.

10 lakh cards will be cancelled 

The government has said That about 10 lakh people in the country are taking advantage of the facility of free ration in a fraudulent way. Ration cards of all these people will be cancelled. Ration cards of about 10 lakh people have been marked. These cards will be canceled soon. The government has prepared its list.
Let us tell that people whose cards are found to be fake will also be charged by the government. At present, around 80 crore people across the country are benefiting from the free ration facility. Ineligible ration card holders will not get free wheat, rice and chickpeas.

List will be sent to depot holder

Government said That a complete list of all disqualified persons will be sent to the Depu Holder  After this Dipu Holder will not give ration to these people. Dipu Holder will mark the names and send the report of such card holders to District Headquarters. After which their cards will be cancelled.

According to the information received from NFSA, card holders who have paid income tax or who own more than 10 bighas of land, their names will be removed from the list. . Such people will not get free ration. Along with this, there are some people who do free ration business. Such people have also been identified. The cards of these people will also be cancelled.

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