Ramdev Baba : Conspiracy to defame Patanjali, Baba Ramdev’s allegation

Ramdev Baba : Baba Ramdev has responded to the allegations of adulteration in Patanjali’s products. Baba Ramdev alleged that a conspiracy is being hatched by some people to defame Patanjali. Baba Ramdev held a press conference in Delhi today. This time he has answered the allegations of adulteration against Patanjali.

"Some people are trying to eliminate Patanjali and Baba Ramdev.  People have known me for the last two to three decades. But, recently there is a campaign against Patanjali. But I will not leave such people. Baba Ramdev informed that legal notices have been sent to nearly 90 people who defamed Patanjali. 

Baba Ramdev said, " It takes many years to make a name in the market. But, it takes a few moments to spoil this name. An allegation can destroy an identity built over years in a matter of moments. Many people can’t stand Patanjali’s progress. Hence false allegations are being made that Patanjali products are being adulterated to defame Patanjali. But, all these allegations are completely false. Ruchi Soya was purchased for 4300 crores. Today it has become a company with a turnover of nearly 50 thousand crores. In 2047, India will complete 100 years of independence, at that time the same turnover will be close to 100 crores. 

"Patanjali Group currently has a turnover of 40 thousand crores. In the next five years this turnover will be 100 crores. Apart from this, in the next few years our group will include the names Patanjali Ayurvedic, Patanjali Wellness. Besides, we are also coming in the media sector, said Baba Ramdev. 

Baba Ramdev said, none of our products are adulterated. But, false propaganda is being done by competing companies to defame them. In the present situation, Dekhim Patanjali is being placed in the cage of the accused in the media. Baba Ramdev is not a terrorist. But, society is spreading bad propaganda about us. Some samples of Patanjali edible oil have been sent to the official lab. A lab in Ghaziabad has checked the sample we sent and said that no other company has purer oil than this. So people will now themselves understand how a conspiracy is being hatched to defame Patanjali. 

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