Rajasthan Politics: ‘Kato-clash’ of white-clothed youths lasted till late night, Gehlot faction played a trick, these 3 conditions were placed before the Highman.

Rajasthan Congress Crisis: Clash continues in Rajasthan Congress over the Chief Minister, the conflict between the leaders continued till late night in the capital Jaipur. The Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting was scheduled to be held at the Chief Minister’s residence in Jaipur at 7 pm yesterday, but the meeting was cancelled. MLAs belonging to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s faction showed their strength to the Congress high command. These people were angry with the news of Sachin Pilot being made the next CM. The Gehlot faction has placed 3 conditions before the High Command. Gehlot supporters say that the selection of the new Chief Minister should be done with the consent of Gehlot only after the selection of the new Congress President. Not only this, it has also been said that the Chief Minister should be chosen from among the 102 MLAs who were with the Congress during the crisis. There is also speculation that Chief Minister Gehlot and Sachin Pilot may go to Delhi with observers. Only the new Chief Minister should be selected
2- The new Chief Minister should be selected from among the 102 MLAs living together in the crisis
3- The face of the Chief Minister should be decided only with the consent of Ashok Gehlot.

Journey from Magician to Siyat Magician

Ashok Gehlot’s father Laxman Singh Gehlot was a magician. Ashok Gehlot also practiced magic in his childhood but later quit, now he practices magic in politics. Ashok Gehlot’s political record shows that his magic has worked in politics. Not only can he become the president of the Congress, but he has such power that only the structure of the Rajasthan Congress can be changed.

90 MLAs submitted their resignations! What will the Gandhi family do now?

Ashok Gehlot’s close minister Pratap Singh Khachariawas claims that more than 90 MLAs have submitted their resignations to Vidhan Sabha Speaker CP Joshi. If this figure is correct, it means that more than 80 percent Congress MLAs of Rajasthan do not want Sachin Pilot to get the Chief Minister’s chair. Gehlot has proved with his master stroke that he himself is the pilot of Rajasthan flight, so what will Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi decide now?

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