R Venkataramani : Senior Supreme Court lawyer R Venkataramani appointed as Attorney General of the country

New Delhi : Senior Supreme Court Advocate R Venkataramani (R Venkataramani) is the country’s new


#Breaking Senior Advocate R Venkataramani appointed new Attorney General for India pic.twitter.com/oViiiyR6To

— Bar & Bench (@barandbench) September 28, 2022

Current Attorney General KK Venugopal’s tenure will end on September 30. Earlier, the name of senior lawyer Mukul Rohatgi was discussed for the post of Attorney General. But he rejected this offer of the central government. After that R. Venkataramani has been appointed. 

Who are Attorney General? 

The post of Attorney General of the country is appointed under Article 76 of the Constitution of India. This appointment is made with the signature of the President. The person holding this post acts as a legal advisor to the Government of India. The main job of the Attorney General is to represent the central government in court and to give legal advice to the central government on various issues. They may participate in joint sittings of Parliament and parliamentary committee proceedings. But unlike MPs, they do not have the right to vote. Also they do not get the same facilities that MPs get. 

What are the qualifications for the post of Attorney General? Advocate for five years. The constitution does not specify the tenure of the Attorney General, but the person can remain in office as long as the President wishes. He has rejected the Central Government’s offer of the post of Attorney General.  Before this, Rohatgi has held the post of Attorney General of the country during 2014-17. Later in 2017, KK Venugopal was entrusted with the post. ;


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