Promotion of the defeat of the sister-in-law who is bathing! Political war between Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba and sister Naina, know who is ahead of whom in politics?

Gujara Elections 2022: The political battle is at its peak in Gujarat. 2 leaders of Congress and BJP have made it more interesting. Neta is special because of his direct relationship with Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja. On one side is his wife Rivaba Jadeja and on the other side is his sister Naina Jadeja. The northern seat of Jamnagar is the hub of politics. BJP has given ticket to Jadeja’s wife Rivaba from this seat. On the other hand, now his sister-in-law of Congress is openly opposing him. It is clear from their latest statements that Nanan and Bharjai are facing each other in this game of politics.

There were speculations that Congress will field Naina from this seat but the picture is still clear. is not However the contest is still interesting, as here Nanan is openly defying her sister-in-law and has started campaigning hard for her sister-in-law’s defeat. Naina Jadeja says that the BJP has made a mistake by announcing her sister-in-law Rivaba as its candidate. Rivaba may be a celebrity, but she has no experience. So BJP will lose. Let us tell you who is ahead in the pitch of politics?

Rivaba is an active worker of BJP

If we talk about Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba. It has not been long since he joined the BJP. He joined the BJP three years ago. Although before this she has been associated with social activities. Along with this, she has also been in Karni Sena. Revaba has been very active since joining the BJP. This is the reason why in just three years BJP has given him ticket from Jamnagar seat. She is an active worker of BJP. Talking about Rivaba Jadeja, she originally hails from Rajkot. His father is a famous businessman of the city. Rivaba has studied Mechanical Engineering from Atmya Institute of Technology and Science Rajkot.

Rivaba has a good hold among people

Rivaba got the ticket. His sister-in-law Naina is seen openly opposing it. She is seeking votes in support of Dipendra Singh Jadeja who is standing against her brother-in-law. Naina has also not been associated with the Congress party for long. Soon after Rewaba joined the BJP, he joined the Congress. Ever since he joined the Congress, he is said to have a good hold among the people here. This is the reason why she is also the President of Jamnagar Congress Mahila Morcha in such a short time.

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