Project Cheetah: Eight cheetahs coming to India from Namibia, see the first glimpse of the cheetah…

Project Cheetah : Cheetah is going to return to India after almost 70 years. Eight Cheetahs will be brought to India on Saturday. The first batch of eight cheetahs will arrive in India from Namibia on Saturday, September 17. This project was started by the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. But there were many obstacles in its completion. After that, after 70 years, the cheetah is going to return to the land of India. It has to be said that Prime Minister Modi is going to fulfill an unfulfilled dream of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A total of 16 cheetahs are to be brought to India, out of which the first batch of 8 cheetahs will arrive in India on Prime Minister Modi’s birthday. 

First Glimpse of Cheetah ‘Shasha’

These eight cheetahs are going to be brought to India by a special plane tomorrow. We are going to show you a special glimpse of this cheetah. The audience of ABP Maja has got to see an exclusive video of Shasha, one of these eight cheetahs. This video is from the forest of Namibia, South Africa. In this video you will see a female cheetah named ‘Shasha’.

Watch Video : First Glimpse of Cheetah

Watch: See EXCLUSIVE video of Cheeton on Sabse first abp news @anchorjiya @vikasbha key report#Cheetahs #KunoNationalPark #Gwalior #India

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Eight cheetahs will arrive in India by plane from Namibia

These eight cheetahs will arrive in India tomorrow by a special plane from Namibia. Cargo flight Boeing 717 special aircraft has been selected for this purpose. This plane will fly directly from Namibia to India, covering a distance of about 8000 km. 

Would this be the journey of cheetahs?

  • Traveling through Namibia for 16 hours straight. The jumbo jet is ready for this. In order not to take too long, a special plane is ready that does not even have to stop for fuel.
  • This plane of a private organization in Dubai will arrive in Jaipur in India first.
  • Prime Minister Modi himself will be present to welcome these cheetahs in Madhya Pradesh. 

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