Project Cheetah: Cheetah will be seen in India after 70 years! 8 cheetahs will be brought from Namibia to India, Jambojet ready

Project Cheetah : Presently Govt of India ‘Project Cheetah’ is busy with this special campaign. The efforts of the Modi government are starting to make this animal, which has become extinct from India, grow again in its environment. So it can be said that Modi is fulfilling Indira Gandhi’s unfulfilled dream. Cheetah is going to make a comeback in India after almost 70 years. On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. On September 17, the first batch of 8 cheetahs is entering India from Namibia..and if we look at history, it can be said that Prime Minister Modi is now fulfilling an unfulfilled dream of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. 

Cheetah became extinct in India in 1952 

Cheetah became extinct in India in 1952. The last cheetah was hunted in Chhattisgarh. After that, the cheetah lived in Iran in Asia. In 1970, Indira Gandhi started preparations to bring cheetahs from Iran to India. It was an offer to take some of our tigers and give us cheetahs in return. Indira Gandhi also signed an agreement with the Shah of Iran. But there was a stormy regime change in Iran, the Shah’s rule was over and then the project collapsed.

Permission to import cheetahs from Africa  

Then the movement to reintroduce cheetahs to India started in 2009. During the UPA government, many animal lovers, international organizations started movements to see if cheetahs can be brought from Africa. Some places like Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh, Shahgad of Jaisalmer were also decided. But in 2012, the Supreme Court banned the importation of cheetahs into India in this manner. The Supreme Court was worried that cheetahs would come there while the rehabilitation work of tigers in India was going on. But after seven years in 2020, the Supreme Court lifted this ban. After that, India got permission to bring cheetahs from Africa on an experimental basis. 

How special will a cheetah travel through Africa be?

  • The jumbojet is ready to travel for 16 hours straight through Namibia
  • The cheetahs vomit during the journey, so the journey will be done at night to reduce their discomfort
  • Before the journey two or three They are not given anything to eat during the day, so that the journey does not take too long, a special plane is prepared so that they do not have to stop for fuel. These cheetahs will be sent to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh
  • Prime Minister Modi himself will be present to welcome these cheetahs in Madhya Pradesh. 

Watch the video:  Cheetah to step into India after 70 years, home entry by Modi

How these cheetahs grow after coming to India will be the biggest challenge. There are around seven thousand cheetahs in the world. Almost two-thirds of these cheetahs are found in South Africa alone. A total of 16 cheetahs are to be brought to India, out of which the first batch of 8 cheetahs will arrive in India on Prime Minister Modi’s birthday. 

A few days ago, the number of tigers in India was decreasing. After that, a special campaign was undertaken for that. As of 2006, 1411 tigers remained in the country. Now this number has increased to around three thousand.  Now we are bringing the cheetah which became extinct 70 years ago back to India. We also have to see if we succeed in increasing the number of cheetahs. 


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