"Prime Minister’s intention is not right regarding MSP, farmers will have to fight again, youth and farmers are not happy, how can there be development?"

Satya Pal Malik: The controversial statement of Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has come out. Governor Malik says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intention regarding MSP is not good.

Malik said that PM Modi has killed the farmers and soldiers of the country. And if the youth are not happy, the country cannot develop.

Fight again for farmers

Fight again for minimum support price to farmers. Appealed to withdraw. Along with this, he also advised the people to educate their daughters and to identify their own-foreigners during the elections. /p>

Malik said that the farmers have not been able to get justice yet. Farmers will have to start their fight all over again. The government has stalled the matter regarding the support price. He said that the country cannot develop if the farmers and youth are not happy. This government has made the jawans a firebrand, the government does not listen to the farmers. Targeting him, he said that if a dog dies, his letter will come, but 700 farmers died during the farmers’ movement in Delhi, the capital of the country, but the Prime Minister did not say a single word. Malik even said that the Prime Minister is no longer his, the Prime Minister is now Adani and Ambani’s.

Malik said that he is a fakir, so he does not feel any fear from ED and Income Tax Department. They say that there is no power in wealth, it is my fakir that gives me the strength to speak in favor of farmers. He said that this is not only their fight, the farmers also have to support them in this fight and when this fight starts, they will resign and stand with the farmers. Famous for speaking

It should be mentioned that Governor Satyapal Malik is known for his outspoken statements. They have been attacking the government and the Prime Minister since the beginning regarding the issue of agriculture. Malik is even asking the farmers to leave their post to reduce the price of their crops.

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