Prarthana Salve: Shocked by brother’s death, suicide of international basketball player Prarthana Salve

Prarthana Salve : An international basketball player committed suicide by jumping into a dam in Baitul in Madhya Pradesh. 17-year-old Prarthana Salve committed suicide due to the shock of her brother’s death. Prarthana represented India in international basketball tournaments. Prarthana had sent a voice message to the family before committing suicide. In which she has given the reason for suicide.   

According to the information received in this regard, the body of Prarthana Salve, who lives in Kalapatha area of ​​Baitul, was found in Kosmi Dam on Thursday. Due to this incident, the sports world is in mourning. On Wednesday evening, Prarthana informed her family that she was committing suicide by sending a WhatsApp voice message. She attributed her brother’s death to suicide. Prarthana said in the message that she is very upset due to the death of her brother. He immediately informed the police about this. The prayer scooty was standing on the bank of the dam. On Thursday morning, the SDRF team pulled Prarthan’s body out of the dam. The body was postmortemed and handed over to relatives. 

Seven months ago, a lover had set fire to a multi in Indore’s Swarnabagh Colony. Prarthana’s brother Devendra Salve was burnt to death in the fire. After the death of his brother, Prarthana was shocked. Prayer could not recover from the shock of his brother’s death. This is why she took the extreme step of suicide. Apart from this, there was another incident with the prayer. Prayer was also very uncomfortable after suffering a torn ligament during the tournament. So she saw her future in darkness. Prarthana represented India in the Asian Youth Championship which was also won by the Indian team.

Prarthana’s suicide has shocked the sports world. Prathana was playing basketball along with her studies. She made Betul district famous in basketball. Prarthana excelled in national and international basketball tournaments. Prarthana represented India in the Asian Youth Championship and the match was also won by the Indian team. Players are mourning Prathanna’s untimely demise.

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