‘PMO’s peon runs the country’s media through WhatsApp’, Congress said – these people are Adani’s employees

Congress Press Conference: The Indian National Congress held a press conference today and criticized the IT Rules Amendment Bill to be brought by the government. Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate said,  The PMO’s peon controls the media of this country, now because of this rule the government will work to suppress voices on social media as well. 

Congress spokesperson said, when already the media of this country is run by PMO’s peon through his WhatsApp, in that era independent news comes only on alternate media, but now the government is tweeting uncomfortable news on social media as well. Will try to run on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and many such platforms. 

There is no bigger Fake News factory in the world than BJP.

The biggest kingpin of Fake News is BJP IT Cell Head and every time his lies are caught.

That’s it. No.. The work of spreading lies is done by the ministers of the BJP government.

: @SupriyaShrinate ji pic.twitter.com/HlMuay5KAS

— Congress (@INCIndia) April 8, 2023

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