PM Modi Speech: ‘Truth is not visible…’, Rahul Gandhi’s counterattack on PM Modi’s speech, 10 big things

PM Modi Speech: ‘Truth is not visible…’, Rahul Gandhi’s counterattack on PM Modi’s speech, 10 big things

PM Modi Speech in Lok Sabha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted the entire opposition including Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday (February 8). On this, Rahul said that he did not respond to our point regarding the Adani case. This counter-attack continued like this. Come let’s know the ten main things.

1- Prime Minister Narendra Modi said after the speech in the Lok Sabha that his (Rahul Gandhi) supporters started saying happily that this did not happen! Perhaps you must have had a good sleep, perhaps you would not have been able to wake up today. It is said for such people only that ‘we are amusing the heart by saying this, they have now gone, they are coming now.’ 

2- PM Modi tauntingly said that the ED has done the work which the voters could not do. In such a situation, the opposition should thank the ED as they have united all. 

3- PM Narendra Modi claimed that in 2010, there was a huge opportunity to show India’s youth potential in the Commonwealth Games in the country, but in the Commonwealth scam, the whole country should be discredited in front of the world. Went. He said that the civil nuclear deal was happening, so he was stuck in cash for votes. 

4- Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in the last century he had also taken a trip to Kashmir and terrorists had put up posters saying – who is the one who has drunk mother’s milk who will hoist the tricolor at Lal Chowk . I had done that year that I will come on 26th January, without security and bullet proof jacket and will hoist the tricolor. I did like this. In fact, Rahul Gandhi also hoisted the tricolor at Lal Chowk during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. 

5- PM Modi said in the Parliament that there is no life without challenges, but the spirit of the countrymen is more powerful than challenges. The kind of situation prevailing in all the countries of the world and in our neighbourhood, at such a time, which Indian would not feel proud that his country is the 5th largest economy in the world. 

6-  Without naming Rahul Gandhi, PM Narendra Modi said that some people here have a big craze for Harvard study. During the Corona period, the Congress had said that there would be a study in Harvard on the destruction of India. A very good study has been done in Harvard in the past years, its topic was ‘The Rise and Decline of India’s Congress Party’ Is. In fact, Rahul had said on Tuesday (February 7) that universities like Harvard would do research on the Adani issue. 

7- Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the decade from 2004 to 2014 was of scams. For these 10 years, India’s economy remained in a shambles. In such a situation, if we do something good, then their disappointment increases. It has been a year of scams. PM Modi claimed that the decade from 2004 to 2014 would be known as The lost decade. 

8- Rahul Gandhi said on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech that he did not give a single answer. The truth is visible in his speech. If (Adani) is not a friend, then he (PM) should have said that he will conduct an inquiry. PM Modi did not say anything on shell company, benami money is roaming. It is clear that he is protecting them. 

9- Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not answer our questions. We have no enmity against anyone, but the company to which the money of the people of India has been given and its credibility has been questioned in the world, it was a matter of concern for us. Why was the government silent on this?

10- Ghulam Nabi Azad said that I will not say that India is strong but India is in a better position in the present situation in the world. Whether someone likes it good or bad. Political parties want to take credit for this, but the credit goes to Indians that everyone is doing their own work. Let us inform that PM Modi had said in his speech that after the pandemic and the war there was rapid development in India. 

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