PM Modi Speech: ‘…now people are uniting on action against corruption’, said PM Modi, also attacked Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi Speech: ‘…now people are uniting on action against corruption’, said PM Modi, also attacked Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi Speech: PM Narendra Modi attacked Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Saturday (March 18) without naming him. The PM said in the India Today Conclave that today some people talk about degrading India. We know that when something inauspicious happens, there is a tradition of applying black tika. Some people have taken the responsibility of applying black tika in these auspicious times. So that it is not visible. 

The Prime Minister said that the world is seeing India’s potential. Today, performance has also been added to the promise. Earlier the headline used to be that there was a scam in this sector, it happened in that. Today there are news of action against the corrupt. Now the ‘corrupt’ Joining hands because of the action against them. 

"some people are attacking our democracy"

PM Modi said that earlier news of bomb blasts, Naxalite attacks used to come. Today there is development in those areas. Today the money goes directly into the account of the poor. We have given human touch to governance. We could not have defeated Kovid without human touch governance. Attacking the opposition, PM Modi said that some people are attacking our democracy, but India will keep moving forward. India has shown the world that democracy can deliver.

"it’s india time"

He said that there are ups and downs in the journey of development of every country. This is India’s time, this is the right time. The world is also accepting that this is India’s time. Some countries that moved ahead earlier did not face such situations, but in the situation in which India is moving forward, those challenges are different. The biggest epidemic in 100 years has come, the Russia-Ukraine war is going on, the economy of many countries of the world is in disarray. In such a situation, it is not a small thing to praise India. There is competition among countries to return stolen artefacts from India.

PM Modi says scams used to make headlines earlier, now ‘corrupt’ joining hands over action against them making news

— Press Trust of India (@PTI_News) March 18, 2023

"a new history is being made"

PM Modi said that today the whole world is full of faith in India. Today India is the fastest growing economy. India is the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world. A new history is being made. In the last 75 days of this year, India has achieved many milestones. We have done many development works related to road, rail, airport. The country’s women’s cricket team has won the Under-19 World Cup. India has won two Oscars. More than 28 meetings of G-20 have taken place. The Indo-Bangladesh gas pipeline has been inaugurated a few hours back. 

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