PM Modi Speech Highlights: Yoga, Cricket, Masterchef, films… PM Modi mentioned these things in speech in Sydney

PM Modi Speech Highlights: Yoga, Cricket, Masterchef, films… PM Modi mentioned these things in speech in Sydney

PM Modi Sydney Speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a community program in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (May 23). He said that when I had come in 2014, I had made a promise to you that you would not have to wait for any Prime Minister of India for 28 years. Today in Sydney, in this arena, I am present again and I have not come alone. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has also come with me. 

A large number of people had reached this program. PM Modi also went among the people. He said that I am happy that many people from the overseas Indian community in New South Wales are actively participating in public life, making their mark. In the same year, I had the opportunity to welcome Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Indian soil in Ahmedabad. today he here "Little India" Has supported me in laying the foundation stone of the gateway. I express my sincere gratitude to them. 

What did PM say on India-Australia relationship?

PM Modi said that there was a time when 3Cs used to define the relationship between India and Australia, these three were Commonwealth, Cricket and Curry. After that, it was 3D- democracy, diaspora and friendship. When it became the 3E, it was about Energy, Economy and Education, but the truth is that the real depth of the relationship between India and Australia goes beyond these C, D, E. The strongest and biggest foundation of this relationship is actually mutual trust and mutual respect and the real reason behind this is the Indian diaspora. 

Yoga, cricket, masterchef mentioned

The Prime Minister further said that our lifestyles may be different, but now yoga also connects us. We have been associated with cricket for a long time, but now tennis and films are also connecting us. We may prepare food in different ways, but MasterChef is uniting us now. I am glad to know that all of you have also celebrated the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence with great pomp. Our cricketing relationship has completed 75 years. Our off-field friendship is as interesting as the competition on the cricket field. 

Shane Warne remembered

Referring to the youth of India, the PM said that India does not lack potential. India also has no dearth of resources. Today the world’s biggest and youngest talent factory is in India. He said that when great cricketer Shane Warne passed away last year, millions of Indians mourned along with Australia. It was like we had lost someone. All of you have had a dream that our India should also become a developed nation. The dream that is in your heart is also in my heart. 

"Feed chaat-jalebi to PM Albanese"

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