People are amazed to see the video of the farmer family’s domestic struggle, hours of work in minutes

Nowadays people use ‘jugaar’ to make fun things one by one. Sometimes these things are hard to believe. Not only that, the giants are amazed. Videos of Jugaad’s creations are also making waves on social media. In this episode, a video of a fight has come out these days. Even good scientists will be amazed to see this. So that their work may be easier. Even today, the struggle of a farming family is rapidly going viral in the world of internet.

In the viral video you can see that the women of the farmer’s house in the absence of a thrasher The trick of indigenous struggle has been adopted. To do this, the women are constantly pouring grain into the boxes placed on top of the cooler and making holes in the boxes from which the grain is falling. As soon as the grains come in front of the running cooler, they are automatically divided into two parts. The work of this indigenous struggle is being completed in a few minutes.


The video of this struggle is being liked a lot on social media. Many have praised the struggle. One user commented, & lsquo; We can save a lot of our time with this campaign. & Rsquo; There, another user wrote, & lsquo; Our farmer brothers know very well how to use these indigenous methods. & Rsquo; In addition, many other users also wrote.

For your information, let us know that this innovative video has been shared on Instagram by an account named jugaadu_life_hacks. . With which he wrote the caption, & lsquo; There is some understanding in this struggle. & Rsquo; As of press time, this video has received hundreds of likes and thousands of views.


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