Patent of sewing machine and recognition of Punjab-Haryana states, 10th September is witness to ‘these’ events.

Mumbai: In the Indian freedom struggle, Bengal was considered as the land of Jahal revolutionaries. Many intellectuals were born in this land and many revolutionary organizations were established. Bagha Jatin is one of them. Bagha Jatin founded the organization Yugantar and fought against the British. He died on 8 September 1915. 8 September has witnessed many important events in history. On this day, the first test of the Large Hydron Collider, the world’s largest project designed to detect the Higgs boson particle, took place on this very day, September 8, 2008. 

Let’s find out exactly what happened on this day in history. Happened,  

1846: Sewing Machine Patent

A sewing machine that plays an important role in human’s daily work was invented by Alyas Howe. On this day, September 10, 1946, he patented a sewing machine. 

1915- Jatindranakh Mukherjee alias Bagha Jatin passed away

Bagha Jatin, a Jahal freedom fighter who fought against the British rule, died on this day. . As a child, he killed a tiger, so his name later came to be Bagha Jatin. His name is high on the list of famous revolutionaries in Bengal. He founded the Yugantar Party and later this organization launched an armed revolution against the British.  

1965- Martyr Abdul Hamid awarded Param Vir Chakra posthumously

Abdul Hamid, who performed valor in the 1965 war with Pakistan, was awarded Param Vir Chakra posthumously. Abdul Hamid was a soldier of 4 Grenadiers. He performed feats in Asal Uttad of Khemkaran sector during the Indo-Pakistani war. He was martyred in this war. 

1966- Recognition of Punjab and Haryana states

After the announcement of the policy of creating a state on linguistic basis, many states emerged in the country. Later, the demand for creation of Hindi-speaking Haryana and Punjabi-speaking Punjab became stronger. Keeping this demand in mind, on 10 September 1966, Parliament recognized two new states, Punjab and Haryana. It is the largest particle collider project in the world. It is designed to study atomic particles. The Large Hydron Collider is built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research. More than 10,000 scientists from 100 countries around the world have participated in it. 

The Large Hydron Collider is a 27 km long truck loop and the project has been built on the border of France and Switzerland. Before the Large Hydron Collider, CERN scientists had announced that they would search for the Higgs boson or the God particle.

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