Passed the exam by writing with feet, not hands, Divyang tribal student Jagannath presented an example.

Passed the exam by writing with feet, not hands, Divyang tribal student Jagannath presented an example.
Handicapped, poor at home but with immense will power and hard work, Jagannath from a tribal family has crossed the line of primary education by writing with his feet. Jagannath dreams of becoming a teacher. He says ‘I want to be a teacher for people like me.’ Apart from studies, he likes to play football and his favorite player is Messi.
The family named him Jagannath as he was missing both hands from birth.   The constant companion was poverty and misfortune. After the birth of Jagannath, the mother left. The father also lives elsewhere. Jagannath grew up with his elderly grandmother, with Bhua taking care of him.

Jagnanath was born in Durgapur Gram Panchayat in Memari 1 Block of East Burdwan District, West Bengal. Born in a tribal family of Shimla village. He is disabled from birth. No palm, no fingers. Jagannath’s mother abandoned him after his birth. Jagannath grew up with his old grandmother. However, Jagannath is not deprived of the love of grandmother, Bhuya and Dada.

Bhuya is married in the village. The expenses of mother’s family and even Jagannath’s education are also covered by the earnings of Bhuya. Jagannath wanted to become a teacher since childhood. Received education by writing with feet. Despite coming from a family of limited means, Jagannath was admitted to the village primary school to receive his education. Since then Jagannath started writing. As time passed, Jagannath became adept at writing with his feet. Jagannath passed one class after another and cleared the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education final exam this year. He was the only student. The examiners made every effort to ensure that Jagannath did not face any difficulty in clearing the exam. Jagannath Mandi had a big smile of success on his face after the announcement of Madhyamik/10th result last Friday. He has passed with 258 marks. Village woman Sambri Saran said, ‘The boy who has no hands has passed the first major exam of life by writing with his feet… We are very happy. If Jagannath gets some government help then he will get help in his studies.

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