Onam 2022: The excitement of ‘Onam’ in South India, what is the specialty of this festival

Happy Onam 2022 : Onam is an important festival in South India. A legend says that on this day Baliraja returns to earth to meet his subjects. Onam is a big festival of Malayali brothers. Onam festival is celebrated for ten days. The last 10th day is very important. This day is called ‘Thiruvonam’. This year Onam is celebrated on 8th September. The word ‘Thiruvonam’ is a combination of two words ‘Thiru’ and ‘Onam’. In this the word ‘thiru’ means holy. According to another legend, the Vaman avatar of Lord Vishnu was born on this day. 

Onam festival is also celebrated for two days after ‘Thiruvonam’. But the first 10 days are more important. Onam is the most important day of this ten-day festival. Pooja is also performed on this day to bring wealth and grain to the farmers’ houses. Onam is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Kerala.

Significance of Onam Festival

Onam is a festival that falls in the Chingam month of the Malayalam calendar. Malayalam brothers celebrate the women’s month of the year through the Onam festival. The house is cleaned and decorated on the occasion of this festival which lasts for ten days. Boat race is also a special attraction in Kerala on this day. Apart from this, bull races are also organized. Onam festival is very important for farmers. During this period, the harvest season begins. Farmers worship the crop.

Baliraja visits the subjects

A legend tells that Baliraja returns to earth on this day to meet his subjects. Baliraja was famous for his prowess, justice and love for his subjects. Hence the arrival of Baliraja is celebrated in the form of Onam. On this day all people wear new clothes, beautiful rangoli is drawn in front of the house. People greet each other. On this day, people take bath early in the morning and worship God. Pukkalam (flower rangoli) is also an attraction. The front yard of each house is smeared with dung and rangoli is drawn on it. Traditional food and sweet feasts are also planned on the occasion of Onam. Programs like traditional dances, games, plays are organized. Especially the traditional dances of Kerala Kathakali and Pulikali are organized. Donation is also given importance on this day.

A boon to Baliraja

Vishnu assumed the avatar of Vamana and pushed Baliraja into the abyss. Baliraja even gave his life to fulfill his promise. Pleased with Baliraja’s sacrifice, Vishnu asked him to ask for a boon. On this, Baliraja expressed his desire to meet his subjects once a year. It is believed that Baliraja comes to meet his subjects on the day of Onam. 

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