Omicron Variant Guidelines: Govt issues guideline on growing threat of Omicron, corona test mandatory despite vaccine

Omicron Variant Guidelines: Ch om Ekron After reaching Risk

Dangers Countries Arrive in India from countries identified as And departure from 72 -19 To reach And mandatory covid -19 Get tested. In Yes Tests Yes Clinical Management Protocol According to Quarantine I Will not be done No Will be treated. In addition, their samples will be used for complete genome sequencing. Passengers found to be negative will be able to exit the airport but will not be able to 7 Home Isolation for days 8 . After which 7 Self for days Will be monitored.

E K Ro Dangers "font-family: Mangal;"> Tests made mandatory Coron Or The most contagious forms of the virus Me K Ro N Dangers People from countries other than countries will be allowed out of the airport , However such travelers 14 Must also be monitored.

"font-family: Mangal;"> 5% of incoming passengers must be identified , Which should be tested. However, the cost of testing their samples will be borne by the Ministry. 24 November World Health Organization (WHO) To South Africa Om of virus E K Ro

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