‘Olakh Myboli’ Online Marathi School in Bangalore; Participation of students from all over the world, the activity is appreciated

Marathi Mayboli News: The fifth season of the online Marathi school of Identity Mayboli organized in Maharashtra Pratishthan Bangalore was inaugurated recently.   Maharashtra Mandal President Manik Patwardhan was present as the chief guest. Due to the epidemic of Corona, the world got the option of online school and Marathi Pratishthan Bangalore decided to use it for the promotion of Myboli and from that. "Familiarity with Myboli " This concept was born.  

Using social media to ‘start school’. After posting such a message, the initiative got a response from there. This school is getting good response from both teachers and students.  Those who agreed to be teachers, were not teachers by profession but willing to teach with passion. 

Teachers prepared the syllabus by holding frequent meetings. Due to the lockdown, we had to teach from the available materials. Considering everything, on 5th July 2020 on the occasion of Gurupurnima "Familiarity with Myboli" This online Marathi school started. In the first phase, seeing the students from Japan and America, the organizers who started the program realized that there is a love for our language. 

Organizers and teachers who thought to run the school for three months have come to a decision to continue the school. In this unique school, along with language, children are playing with our festivals, culture, songs, verses.  Maharashtra Day, Marathi Language Glory Day, Pandharichi Wari, 15th August, 26th January are being celebrated online through online festivals."text-align: justify;"Meanwhile, Marathi Essay Competition and Marathi Language, Culture Knowledge Exam held on 2nd October every year in association with Brihanmaharashtra Mandal New Delhi and State Marathi Development Institute Mumbai are conducted globally. Its  Marathi Pratishthan center in Bangalore started from October 2021. Every year many students are honored with awards from these examinations.  Because of this exam "Sulabh Bharati" This Maharashtra Children understood the government books.

Since this school is free, it was decided to ask the parents to buy the books. But in Bangalore it was impossible to get Marathi books even government ones. So it was decided to order the books from Pune and give them on the inauguration day. But Sridhar Dhavad gifted all the books to the students in order to participate in a good activity. Everyone had gathered together on the occasion of the fifth season. Till date around 450 children have benefited from this school. Pune, Hyderabad, Japan, Saudi, Spain, London and USA have attended this school. This unique initiative from Bangalore to learn Marathi language is being appreciated from all levels. 

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