‘Now BJP is running Operation Lotus in Punjab, offering MLAs 25-25 crores’, AAP alleges

Punjab BJP Operation Lotus: Aam Aadmi Party president Arvind Kejriwal alleged that the BJP is running Operation Lotus to topple the Delhi government. Harpal Singh Cheema, Finance Minister of AAP government in Punjab has also made the same allegation. Harpal Singh Cheema said that BJP has run Operation Lotus in Punjab and BJP is trying to buy our MLAs. Finance Minister Cheema said that BJP is offering Rs 25 crore each to each AAP MLA.  

AAP Punjab has tweeted about this, "Serial killer BJP has now launched Operation Lotus in Punjab. 25 crores each has been offered to AAP MLAs in Punjab. But BJP is forgetting that not a single Aam Aadmi Party MLA will be sold. Like Delhi, BJP’s operation will fail in Punjab too.

Harpal Singh Cheema accused the BJP in Chandigarh on Tuesday that, ‘An attempt is being made to topple the AAP government in Punjab by buying AAP MLAs. BJP is using Central Investigation Agency, as well as money, for Operation Lotus in Punjab. Cheema said that BJP has offered Rs 25 crore to our MLAs to separate from the party. Not only this, BJP has also lured these MLAs with big posts. Along with this, Rs 75 crore will be paid if you get more MLAs.

Serial Killer BJP has now launched Operation Lotus in Punjab.

AAP is offering ₹25-25 crore to MLAs in Punjab.

But the BJP is mistaken that the Aam Aadmi Party is not even a legislative bikau hai. BJP’s Operation will fail in Delhi and Punjab too.

@HarpalCheemaMLA pic.twitter.com/45h9RD3e1i

— AAP Punjab (@AAPPunjab) September 13, 2022

Approached about 10 of our MLAs

Harpal Singh Cheema while accusing BJP said that BJP leaders are telling their MLAs that they need only 35 MLAs to topple the government. He is saying this as Congress MLAs are in touch with him. Cheema said that the BJP has contacted seven to 10 AAP MLAs from Punjab. But Cheema did not announce the names of these MLAs.

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