NIA Raid: Raids at 96 places in 15 states, 106 arrested, government may ban the organization

NIA Raid On PFI Update: The country’s largest anti-terrorist agency, NIA, conducted its biggest search operation till the midnight of September 22. The target of the agency was Popular Front of India or PFI. This raid took place in all the states of the country. NIA has recovered cash, digital devices, objectionable documents and sharp weapons in its anti-terror search operation. Along with this, 106 activists have been arrested, including many leaders and members of PFI.

There has been a stir in the PFI camp after the massive search operation by NIA. It is believed that the central government can ban the Popular Front of India like the Students Islamic Movement of India i.e. SIMI. With the help of whatever comes out during this raid, the Union Home Ministry can ban this organization. In this regard, Home Minister Amit Shah also held a high-level meeting in Delhi, in which all top officials including NSA Doval and NIA chief were present.

NIA to conduct simultaneous raids against PFI in 15 states. lay down A joint search operation of NIA and ED was going on at several locations of PFI for the last several hours on the charge of terrorist funding. NIA has got great success in this mega raid. 106 people were arrested by raids at 96 places.

Who was in trouble
It is being told that PFI Chairman OMA Salam, Vice Chairman EM Abdul Rahim are among the arrested people. , National Secretary Nazruddin Elamaram, Kerala State Chief CP Muhammad Basheer, National Council Member Professor P Koya and SDPI Founder President Abu Bakar.

Why is PFI on NIA’s radar?

Terrorist funding, terrorist camps and inciting people to join terrorist organizations are three reasons for cracking down on PFIs. Be it the CAA-NRC controversy, the Ghazwa-e-Hind agenda or the anti-Hindu campaign. The name of PFI has come up wherever the peace of the country is disturbed. This is the reason why the Ministry of Home Affairs is also monitoring this entire search operation.

What is PFI

In the year 2007 three Muslim organizations were merged to form a new organization . PFI stands for Popular Front of India. These three organizations were National Democratic Front in Kerala, Karnataka Forum for Dignity and Manitha Neeti Pasarai of Tamil Nadu. In just 15 years, this organization created so much commotion across the country that the NIA had to conduct simultaneous raids in 15 states. A joint search operation of NIA and ED has been going on for the last several hours on the charges of terror funding. NIA has got great success in this mega raid.

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