Nasa: A satellite weighing 2500 kg will fall on earth, NASA has issued an alert

Nasa: A satellite weighing 2500 kg will fall on earth, NASA has issued an alert

Nasa : The 2500 kg NASA satellite is likely to fall from the sky by 5 am on Monday morning Indian time. Most of the satellite, which has been in space for 38 years, will burn up upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. According to NASA, there is very little chance of any injury from the pieces that will come down. NASA has given information about this by issuing a statement. 

According to NASA,  the 2,450 kg satellite will burn up as soon as it enters the Earth’s surface. However, some of its remains are likely to survive. The satellite is expected to come down on Sunday night and will take 17 hours. 

NASA said in its statement that even if the satellite falls on the Earth’s surface, its debris will not leave much of the Earth.. The California-based aerospace corporation Remnants are expected to fall in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the western regions of North and South America.  

Nasa : Satellite sent into space in 1984

The Earth Radiation Budget Satellite, known as ERBS, was launched by the spacecraft in 1984.  He was working for two years. The satellite continued to collect data on ozone and other atmospheric pollutants until it was retired in 2005. The satellite studied how the Earth absorbs and radiates energy from the Sun.  

Sally Ride, America’s first woman in space, launched the space shuttle into orbit using a robotic arm. It was during this space mission that an astronaut named Katherine Sullivan performed a spacewalk. This was the first spacewalk by an American woman. It was the first time two female astronauts flew together in space. 

As reports, a NASA satellite may enter Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday, January 8. According to NASA officials, the US military estimates that ERBS will return to Earth around 6:40 p.m. Sunday. Many times in the past, satellite debris has fallen on Earth from space. But, it did not pose any danger. It has been said by NASA that there is no danger to Earth due to the satellite falling on Sunday.   

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