Name written on Suicide Note insufficient to prove guilt-HC

Punjab News: Punjab-Haryana High Court (Punjab-Haryana High Court) has said in an important decision that only the name in the suicide note is not enough to prove the guilt of incitement to suicide. Justice Sureshwar Thakur said that in such cases, the trial court needs to keep in mind what is the relationship of the accused with the deceased, what is the reason for incitement to commit suicide and the reasons mentioned in the suicide note. In fact, someone can be incited to commit suicide. He said that in such cases, the investigating officer should proceed only after consulting a handwriting expert. With this decision, the High Court rejected the decision of the Sonepat District Court, in which the accused was sentenced to five years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of five thousand rupees.

What was the case? ?

In one case, a complaint was given to the police by the son of the deceased that his father was defrauded by making him a loan guarantor on the property held by the bank, due to which he Father was very disturbed. Disturbed by this, his father went to his friend’s shop and drank poison, which killed him. A suicide note found in his pocket blamed three people for the death.

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It is necessary to find the handwriting of the deceased

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