MP’s girl fell in love with Haryana’s son!

MP’s girl fell in love with Haryana’s son!

Crime News: A girl from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, became a victim of a youth from Haryana through social media. Now the girl has lodged a report with the police accusing the young man of Haryana of raping her on the pretense of marriage.

In this regard, the divorced girl has registered a case in Nishatpura police station. In this regard, Nishatpura police station in-charge Anjana Dhurve said that a 30-year-old divorced woman of the area had befriended Joginder, a young man from Haryana, on social media. After this, both of them started talking daily through mobile. Gradually friendship turned into love. After this, there was talk of marriage between the two.

…the young man stopped picking up the phone

Between a young man and a young woman from Haryana. The friendship was going on for a long time through social media. Meanwhile, in June 2021, the young man came to Rajhans Hotel in capital Bhopal to meet the girl. On this occasion, he had physical relations with the girl by promising marriage. After this, he kept coming to Bhopal and had physical relations with the girl. After that, when the girl asked for marriage, the young man stopped picking up the phone as soon as he came to Bhopal. Just a few days ago, the young man distanced himself from the girl by saying that he was going to marry another girl and he stopped talking to the girl. After this, the girl reached Nishatpura police station and filed an FIR against the said youth. Filed.

Cheating as a businessman

According to the information received in this regard, a young man named Joginder, a resident of Haryana, pretended to be a businessman. The girl was taken to court. He said that he is from a big family. He is constantly coming and going in the course of business, but in reality he is not engaged in any kind of work, but was constantly pushing the girl. Now the police have started investigating the matter to take action against the accused.

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