Millionaires Left India : 8000 millionaires left India this year, know where to migrate

Millionaires Left India: You may have heard various stories about the status and wealth of millionaires across the country, but this particular shocking report related to millionaires has come to light. In which till now more than 8000 millionaires have migrated to India. Henley and Global have brought this to mind in their report. 

In 2022, statistics show that the number of people migrating from Russia, China and India is more. According to the statistics so far 15,000 Russia, 10,000 China and 8000 millionaires have migrated from 3 countries. During the covid-19 there was a lot of migration but after the situation improved the migration decreased but after that these figures that have come out are somewhat thought provoking. 

Find out what the report says

Losses from migration of millionaires in India are minimal as more new millionaires are being created than the rich leaving the country, the report says. Also there is a trend of rich people returning to India and staying in India once. But once the country’s standard of living improves, the wealthy are expected to return in increasing numbers, according to the report. The report also predicts that the number of high net worth individuals in India will increase by 80 percent by 2031.

Millionaires decreased during Corona

Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are some of the countries where most millionaires have moved out in 2022. As for the duration of Corona, it decreased in 2020 due to the Covid epidemic, but in 2020 and 2021 it became difficult to track on a country-by-country basis. This happened due to the lockdown and travel restrictions. Many millionaires also fled the war in Ukraine.

Millionaires have grown in these countries

UAE, Israel, US, Portugal, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Greece and Switzerland have the highest number of millionaires in the year 2022. Over the past two decades, 80,000 millionaires have made their home in Australia, and in 2020, 3,500 millionaires will enter the country. Millionaires mainly from Asia are migrating to Singapore in large numbers these days. Under this, in 2022, around 2800 millionaires are expected to migrate to Singapore.

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