Milk Price: Milk and curd prices may rise again, clear indication from Mother Dairy

New Delhi : The possibility of increase in milk and curd prices remains. Mother Dairy, one of the leading dairy companies, has given hints about this.  The company said that if the current trend of rising costs continues, we may consider a price hike after 3-4 months. Mother Dairy had hiked milk prices by Rs 2 in Delhi-NCR last month. In March this year too, the company had hiked the price of milk by the same amount.

The cost of animal feed has risen sharply, forcing farmers to increase the selling price. Due to this, milk purchase cost of dairy companies has increased. The purchase cost of milk has increased by Rs 2 per liter following the hike in retail prices last month. If the cost does not come down, we may consider increasing the prices, dairy operators say. 15,000 crore in the financial year, increasing by 20 per cent to around Rs. The turnover of the company in the last financial year was Rs 12,500 crore. The company also sells dairy, edible oil and fruits and vegetables, said Manish Bandlish, MD of the company.

Manish Bandlish told news agencies on the sidelines of the IDF-World Dairy Summit that the business has grown by 20 percent to around Rs 15,000 crore in the current financial year. We expect to reach Rs. This increase will be driven by both the volume and prices of various dairy products, he said. are watching There is a significant increase in the sales of ice cream during summer. Bandlish said that the lockdown imposed due to the Corona epidemic has affected the sale of ice cream in 2020 and 2021.  The company sells edible oils under the brand ‘Dhara’ and fresh fruits and vegetables under the brand ‘Safal’.

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