MCD Election Result 2022: After winning MCD, Kejriwal said – We will not do politics, we have to work together.

Delhi MCD Result 2022: The picture of Delhi MCD elections is now clear. After the victory in the Municipal Corporation, AAP’s national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reached the party headquarters. Kejriwal thanked the people of Delhi for winning the party in MCD. He called it a big victory.

Kejriwal said that ‘I congratulate the people for such a big victory. He considered his son and brother worthy of giving us this responsibility. He managed the responsibility he gave us. People gave responsibility for education, we worked day and night to make the school right. Given us responsibility for health, we built mohalla clinics. Today, people have given their son the responsibility of cleanliness, the responsibility of ending corruption, the responsibility of repairing parks. Given many responsibilities. It will be my responsibility to maintain your trust by working hard day and night.

He urged them all to walk together

Kejriwal congratulated all the winning candidates and congratulated the losing candidates. Advised not to despair. Kejriwal said, ‘We have to work together. I appeal to everyone that until today there was only politics. Now everyone has to work together. I want everyone’s support. I request all the corporators that now you are not the corporators of the party, now you are the corporators of Delhi. Now together we will fix Delhi. After today, I also appeal to all parties for cooperation.

Kejriwal also sought blessings from PM Modi

Kejriwal also sought help from the Centre. He said, ‘Central government’s help is also needed. I want PM’s blessings to fix Delhi. I want their blessings and also the central government’s blessings. Women, children and the elderly will be put on duty to fix Delhi. I alone will not be able to do anything, everyone has to work together. We also have to remove corruption. The whole system that was running until now is going to end. The way we cleaned the Delhi government, now the municipal corporation will also have to do the same.

Appeal not to do negative politics

Kejriwal said, ‘Many people come to me. . Everyone says that whatever Kejriwal does, he does not get votes. You have to swear a little to get votes, you-you-me-me. I want to tell everyone don’t misbehave with us. We should not do negative politics. Today the people of Delhi have proved that schools and hospitals also get votes. How will the country progress if we keep cursing? Today we have won the fourth election in Delhi. People of Delhi have given a big message that do positive politics. Reduce negative politics.

Kejriwal’s big message to party workers

Arvind Kejriwal said, ‘Positive politics has to be taken forward. As positive politics moves forward, nothing can stop our country from moving forward. 75 years on, we are left behind. Now is not the time. Now we have to do positive politics. Giving a big message, Kejriwal said, ‘Don’t be proud. If we have pride, God will never forgive. Your downfall is certain.’

It is not a victory, it is a responsibility- Sisodia

Manish Sisodia said, ‘Today Delhi has not only given Kejriwal a mandate to win, but 15 years. From MCD has also given a mandate to remove the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is robbing the people of Delhi. It is not just a victory, but a responsibility. Kejriwal with his vision, with his work, with his work, has given such politics to the country, who vote for his work.


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