Martyrs Widows Protest: Widows of Pulwama martyrs claim – Rajasthan police had kidnapped

Martyrs Widows Protest: Widows of Pulwama martyrs claim – Rajasthan police had kidnapped

Pulwama Martyrs Widows Protest: The widows of the soldiers who were martyred in Pulwama have made very serious allegations against the Rajasthan Police. The widows of the Pulwama martyrs have claimed that they were abducted by the Rajasthan Police. Madhubala, the widow of the Pulwama martyr told Times Now that he has been kept somewhere near Kota. He warned the Gehlot government and said, "If you can’t respect us, don’t insult us either."

she said, "I don’t know where I am, I was kidnapped. I am in a small hospital somewhere in the middle of the hills." He further said, "I am not ill, I have been forcibly abducted and admitted to the hospital." He further told Times Now, "She will not remain silent as long as she is alive and will keep fighting till her last breath."

Very serious allegations against the police 

The widows of the martyrs have accused the Rajasthan Police of assault and assault. Now he has claimed that he was abducted by the police during a protest against the state government. She was protesting against the unfulfilled promises of the Congress-led state government. On Thursday (March 9), she proceeded towards CM Ashok Gehlot’s residence to meet him, but was stopped by the police on the way.

Pilot also supported BJP

BJP has supported the widows of the martyrs. On a large scale, BJP leaders have also given arrests. At the same time, Congress leader Sachin Pilot has also supported the widows. Sachin Pilot said that it is not a big issue if it is a matter of one or two jobs. He said that amendments have been made in the rules earlier as well and can happen in the future as well. If there is politics regarding the heroines, it will send a wrong message to the state and the country.

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