Marital Rape: The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the central government on marital rape, now the hearing will be held next year.

Supreme Court On Marital Rape : The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the central government on the demand to declare marital rape as a crime. Now this matter will be heard in February next year. The court has to decide whether a husband’s forced relationship with his wife is rape or not. On May 11, 2 judges of the Delhi High Court gave different decisions in this case. After this, this matter has reached the highest court of the country.
Marital rape is not a crime in Indian law.

Let it be said that marital rape is not a crime in Indian law. However, many organizations have been demanding its decriminalization for a long time. The petitioner had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court and sought to consider it as marital rape under Section 375 (rape) of the IPC. Both the judges of the High Court did not agree on the matter, after which the court decided to refer it to a bench of 3 judges.

Two judges of the High Court believed that .. .

Judge Rajiv Shakdhar in the High Court  (Judge Rajiv Shakdher) upheld the repeal of the marital rape  exception, while Hari Shankar Judge held that the exception under the IPC was not unconstitutional. .

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