Maoists join farmers’ movement in Delhi; Efforts are being made to spread arms and legs in ‘these’ states

Naxal Movement : The Maoists have admitted that they participated in the historic farmers movement in Delhi. This matter has been mentioned in the documents of the Maoists’ Central Committee. Maoists have published a 22 page booklet. In this booklet, it is clear that the Maoists have planned a strategy to increase their influence in rural and urban areas. Maoists have appealed to the workers and supporters to celebrate the foundation day of the party with enthusiasm between September 21 and 27. The document revealed that the Maoists have also started efforts to increase their influence in some states. 

Participate in farmer agitation

Maoists are said to have actively participated in some agitations in the countries. This also includes the farmers’ agitation against the Agrarian Act. Active participation was recorded in this anti-agriculture act movement. The Maoists said that due to this participation, the agitation has also taken a violent turn. Apart from that, the Maoists’ documents mention that they also participated in the agitation against the Agniveer scheme. The Maoists have also appealed that they should participate in the people’s agitation by planning a strategy.

Maoists have also criticized the policies of the central government. The Maoists said in their document that religious minorities especially Muslims, Christians are being targeted. Along with them, it was pointed out that the oppression of tribals, dalits, women, students-intellectuals is going on. Those who question the government are labeled as ‘urban naxals’ and are being harassed. The Maoists said that there were protests against all this. Participation was recorded where there was no strength. So,  The Maoists have said in their document that they have led in places where the Maoist party is strong. 

Efforts to increase influence in this state 

The banned organization CPI (Maoist) has started preparations to target the urban areas of the country. Maharashtra, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand. In their document, the Maoists have appealed to build a mass movement through guerrilla poetry in the urban areas of this state. Efforts are also being made by Maoists to increase their influence in many urban areas of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand. The documents reveal that a grand plan was hatched to increase Naxal activities and influence. The Maoists have claimed in their document that they have succeeded in increasing their influence in the rural areas where the anti-Naxalite campaign is going on in Chhattisgarh. 

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