Manish Sisodia: ‘Don’t know how many papers were signed in exchange for a hug…’, read the big things of Manish Sisodia’s letter written from jail

‘Such statements are dangerous’

Sisodia asked whether tea or food can be made from the dirty gas of the drain? No! When the Prime Minister says that the radar cannot catch a plane flying behind the clouds, then he becomes a laughing stock among the people of the whole world. Children studying in schools and colleges make fun of them. His statements like this are extremely dangerous for the country. It has many disadvantages- like the whole world gets to know how little educated the Prime Minister of India is and he doesn’t even have basic knowledge of science.


‘A hug pays dearly’ 

Sisodia further wrote, ‘When the national presidents of other countries hug the Prime Minister, they go away with a huge price for each hug. Don’t know how many papers they get signed in return, because the Prime Minister does not understand because he is less educated. Today the youth of the country is aspirational. He wants to do something. He is looking for opportunity. He wants to conquer the world. He wants to do wonders in the field of science and technology. Does a less educated prime minister have the capacity to fulfill the dreams of today’s youth?

‘School closures sound alarm’

Jailed Manish Sisodia further wrote in his letter, ’60, 000 government schools were closed across the country in recent years. Why? On one hand the population of the country is increasing. So the number of government schools should have increased at least? If the standard of government schools was improved, then people would start sending their children out of private schools to government schools, as is now happening in Delhi. But the closure of government schools across the country is an alarm bell. This shows that education is not the priority of the government. If we do not give good education to our children, can India progress? Never!’

‘Country’s biggest manager read…’

I had seen a video of Prime Minister Modi, in which he is proudly saying that he is not educated. He was educated only till the village school. Is it a matter of pride to be illiterate or less educated? In a country whose Prime Minister is proud of being less educated, good education will never be arranged for the child of a common man. The closure of 80,000 government schools in recent years is a living proof of this. How will my India progress in such a situation? You also find an educated person to keep a manager for your small company. Shouldn’t the biggest manager of the country be educated?

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