Malihabadi Mango: The sweetness of mangoes may fade in summer, the rain washed away the hopes of the farmers

Mango Farmers: The mangoes of Lucknow and especially of Malihabad are very famous all over the world. Padma awardee Kalimullah Khan of Malihabad is known for his artwork with mangoes. This time the weather has rained havoc on the mango crop. 

Known on the inequalities of the farmers

Actually, a few days ago when the weather started changing from cold, the mango trees started showering heavily. Flowers blossomed on the trees, seeing which the heart of the beholder became happy because for many years the mango crop was going bad. It was expected that this time there would be an unmatched crop. The farmers were expecting a bumper crop of mangoes, but after the rains, the situation is completely opposite. 

It was a favorable season for the mango crop

Rain and hail damage

He said that unseasonal rains and hailstorms have damaged the rabi crop. But, the mango crop has been affected the most. Showing the dry mango branches on the trees, Kalimullah Khan told that all the mangoes have fallen from it and all the flowers have dried up, now only the branch is left. I have never seen anything like this in my whole life, it looks like rain of disaster and acid has rained from the sky. 

80 to 90 percent crop failure  

80 to 90 percent of the mango crop has been damaged in Malihabad. During the mango season, the trees are standing without fruits. The mangoes left on the trees are lifeless and lifeless, which means that the seed inside the mango has not developed. 

Let us tell you that amidst the devastation after the rains, the government got the crops surveyed. Schemes were also started to provide relief to the affected farmers. Kalimullah said that no talks have been held with us and no survey has been done regarding mangoes. It is expected from the government and Prime Minister Modi to listen to us in such trouble and present an example to the world. 

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