Malaria Vaccine : No more death due to malaria, R21/Matrix-M vaccine coming soon

Malaria Vaccine: On the one hand, while vaccination against Corona is going on rapidly around the world, now another deadly disease has been prepared. Malaria (Malaria) Vaccine is available for this disease. Researchers at the University of Oxford in Britain have shared reports of a phase II study conducted on vaccine recipients after a booster dose of the anti-malaria vaccine R21/Matrix-M (R21/Matrix-M malaria vaccine). Malaria vaccine R21/Matrix-M will be effective in preventing malaria. For this, it is necessary to take the first three doses of this vaccine and after that a booster dose after one year. This vaccine is capable of providing 70 to 80 percent protection against malaria. This information has been given in a study published in ‘The Lancet Infectious Diseases’ journal. If approved after testing, the vaccine will protect against serious diseases like malaria.

Permit to make vaccine with Serum Institute

Serum Institute of India (SII) in Pune has been licensed to manufacture malaria vaccines. The vaccine has been found to be effective in providing 77 percent protection against malaria for up to 12 months. This information has been revealed in a study conducted on children in East Africa in 2021. In the new study, researchers found that a booster dose administered after all three initial doses of R21/Matrix-M met the World Health Organization (WHO) Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap target, which requires at least 75 percent vaccine coverage. It is important to be effective.

450 children in the Congo included in the research 

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford, involved 450 children between the ages of 5 and 17 months in Burkina Faso. These children were divided into three groups. 409 children in the first two groups were given a booster dose of anti-malarial vaccine. While in the third group children were given an effective vaccine to prevent rabies. All vaccines were given in June 2020. Malaria incidence was low at this time. Research has found that 70 to 80 percent of children who received a booster dose of the anti-malaria vaccine still had 70 to 80 percent immunity against malaria after 12 months.

Good results 28 days after vaccination 

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