Maharashtra Politics : Maharashtra power struggle: Next hearing on Election Commission proceedings on September 27; Important directives of the Supreme Court

Maharashtra Politics : The petition filed by the Shinde Group seeking an order to allow the Election Commission of India to take action regarding the election symbol of the party was heard before the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court today. The Constitution Bench has announced that it will hold the next hearing on September 27. The Supreme Court has directed that the Election Commission should not take any decision till the next hearing. The Supreme Court is likely to give important orders in the next hearing. 

Maharashtra power struggle has been dragging on for the past two months. On Tuesday, the Shinde group had demanded that the Election Commission be allowed to proceed. Then today this matter came before the constitution bench. take Chandrachud was heard before the bench. At this time, Shinde group’s lawyer Adv. Neeraj Kaul should allow the Election Commission to proceed. So that the Election Commission will decide on the election symbol of the party. After that, the Constitution Bench announced that it will hold a hearing on September 27. In this hearing, the arguments of the parties will be heard. Chandrachud   said. 

What exactly happened in the Supreme Court?

Shinde group lawyer Adv. Kaul demanded that the Election Commission be allowed to proceed. The Supreme Court said that the Election Commission could not take a decision on the party symbol due to the adjournment. Uddhav Thackeray’s lawyer Adv. Kapil Sibal said that the disqualification proceedings against the Assembly members have no right to approach the Election Commission. Sibal pointed out that if the Shinde group gets the election symbol, everything will be in vain. Adv that whether there is an MLA or not, he can sue the party. Kaul said. 

Lawyer of the Central Election Commission Adv. Arvind Datar said that we are performing our constitutional duty. He should not be stopped. We do not pay attention to who is an MLA and who is not. He also said that it is sufficient for the concerned person to be a member of the party. 

After that the court directed the concerned parties to present the issues on two pages and announced that the next hearing will be held on September 27. In this hearing, arguments will be held in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is likely to deliver its verdict on the Election Commission’s proceedings on the same day. 

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