Maharashtra Karnataka Border Dispute: MPs of Mahavikas Aghadi met Amit Shah, complained to Karnataka Chief Minister, will discuss with Shinde-Bommai on December 14

Maharashtra Karnataka Border Dispute  :

Amit Shah took the side of the MPs as a whole

NCP MP Amol Kolhe said that the Chief Minister of Karnataka is making continuous statements while the border dispute case is pending in the court. Vehicles are being attacked in Maharashtra. Also, state ministers are being prevented from coming to Karnataka. According to the right given by the constitution, one has the right to go anywhere in the country. It is being blocked. Amol Kolhe informed that all the complaints about this have been told to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Amol Kolhe thanked Amit Shah for taking the side of MPs sensitively.

We have Marathi brothers in all the border areas of Belgaum, Nipani, Karwar, Bidar. These Marathi brothers are being tortured continuously. Kandi Varvanta is being turned on them. Kolhe said at this time that it is expected that all these will come under pressure at some point. Home Minister Amit Shah was asked for a meeting yesterday. But due to his busy work, he could not meet yesterday. But today he had given time. The foxes said at this time that we met them accordingly.

MPs from all parties need to come together: Rajan asks

In the case of wrong statement about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, MPs of all parties should come together. But unfortunately that did not happen, said Shiv Sena MP Rajan Vichare. Vikhre also said that while we were talking, work was going on to turn off the mic in the hall.

Promise of solution from Amit Shah

Our soil is the subject of our state. Amol Kolhe said that it is necessary for everyone to come together on that issue. It is necessary for everyone to put political differences aside and come together for the welfare of the state. MPs from other states also come together forgetting party differences. Then Amol Kolhe said that all the MPs should have come together on this issue of borderism. Amol Kolhe expressed his anger after the mic was turned off while speaking on the issue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Home Minister Amit Shah has promised to find a solution. It remains to be seen what happens to their promises. 

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