Madhya Pradesh Election: Congress promised to waive 100 units of electricity, has already announced this

Madhya Pradesh Election: Congress promised to waive 100 units of electricity, has already announced this

Madhya Pradesh Election: In the election year in Madhya Pradesh, both the parties are continuously making promises to woo the BJP and Congress voters. These include money from women and youth to free electricity and cheap gas cylinders. Both the parties are not lagging behind in these promises and announcements, but both the parties are also ahead in proving each other’s claims false. Recently, Congress leader Kamal Nath has given the slogan of waiving 100 units of electricity and halving 200 units. After which the election campaign has intensified in the state.

Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath has worked to bring heat in the cold election atmosphere of Madhya Pradesh by promising to provide free electricity in Badnavar of Dhar. The promise made by the Congress in the previous election to waive off the loans of the farmers had turned the election in favor of the Congress. At the same time, BJP is also retaliating on Kamal Nath’s promise. Minister Kamal Patel is ahead in calling Kamal Nath’s promises false.

Manifesto of Kamal Nath
Elections in Madhya Pradesh are to be held after five months in the last week of November, but the express of election promises of Congress leader Kamal Nath has started running. The manifesto has not come yet, but Kamal Nath has started giving many temptations to the people of Madhya Pradesh after coming to power:- 

  1.  Implementation of Old Pension Scheme.
  2. Gas cylinder for Rs.500 to all categories of women.
  3.  Rs.1500 to every woman under Nari Samman Yojana. month.
  4.  100 units of free electricity. 

Congress believes that these promises will prove to be election winning because BJP has increased inflation a lot. On the other hand, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is also not behind in making the announcement. He is holding meetings outside Bhopal everyday. Going to the meetings of different societies and announcing the wishes of the leaders of those societies. 

At present, these days CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan is engaged in the promotion of ‘Ladli Bahna’ scheme and ‘Yuva Sikho Kamao’ scheme. Now the announcements of both the parties for the voters will continue till the election dates. regardless of how these promises will be fulfilled. 

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