Madhepura News: A pregnant woman was killed by slitting her throat in a paddy field, her husband and brother-in-law were accused of murder.

Madhepura News : Sensation spread in Kamalpur village of Ghailadh police station area of ​​Sadar sub division of the district when the body of a woman was found in the paddy field. Seeing the dead body, it was feared that the woman had been murdered by slitting her throat. The matter has been reported to the police. On Wednesday, the news of finding the dead body spread in the village. The police identified the body during the investigation. The woman’s sister accused her husband and brother-in-law of murder. The woman was also pregnant.

She had gone to harvest paddy with her husband 

The dead woman has been identified as Anshu’s mother Saraswati Devi (30). Her husband is Chandan Mandal. Saraswati’s daughter Anshu Kumari said that around six in the morning, mother and father had gone to the fields outside to harvest paddy. Around 10 o’clock, father brought paddy and said to bring water to the field for mother, when Anshu went to the field, she did not find her mother anywhere. She returned home. Meanwhile, some people saw a dead body of a woman in the field. After this, there was noise in the village.

Sister suspected the murder of the husband and brother-in-law

On the other hand, the local people claimed the death. The information was given to the police. After this, the police reached the spot and sent the body to Madhepura for post-mortem. It is said that Goddess Saraswati was the mother of three daughters. She was still pregnant. Saraswati’s maternal uncle is in Madhuvan under Madhepura Sadar police station. Sister Durga Devi, a resident of Paros village, has accused Saraswati’s husband and brothers of her murder. In this regard, SP Rajesh Kumar said that as soon as the incident was reported, the police reached the spot and started investigating the matter.

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