Lawrence Bishnoi gang did reiki of Baahubali leader of UP, sent killer with weapons for murder

Lawrence Bishnoi Gang: Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. The Lawrence gang also rekissed a Baahubali leader from UP. During the UP assembly elections, the shooters of the Lawrence gang had arrived to kill the Baahubali leader. The Lawrence Bishnoi gang also got the support of a local leader and local gangsters from Ayodhya.

Lawrence Bishnoi Gang (lawrence bishnoi) has been active in UP for a long time. However, this name came into the limelight after the murder of Sidhu Moose Wala. After this, the investigation revealed that Salman Khan was also tracked by this gang. After this, now NIA and Delhi Cell Police have started investigation. Lucknow, Ayodhya, Purvanchal and several districts of the Nepal border were examined during the investigation. After which it was found that seven months ago During the assembly elections the Lawrence gang did Reiki for a miscreant in Ayodhya.

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The plan was to kill

At that time the gang was booked for the murder of UP’s Baahubali leader. Many modern weapons including thirty caliber sniper rifles were ordered for the killing. However, the gang could not succeed in the assassination attempt. But the gang had planned to kill the Baahubali leader. The name of a minor boy from Ayodhya has also come out in it. 

After this came to light, the Special Cell of Delhi Police has accelerated further investigation. The investigation revealed that Sachin Bishnoi and Kapil Pandit, the nephew of Lawrence Bishnoi, the accused in the Musawala murder case, were staying here. Apart from this, the case of Lawrence Bishnoi gang’s involvement in the killing of Mukhtar Ansari’s shooter has also come to light.

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