Know the exact reasons behind the Opposition’s opposition to the Electricity Amendment Bill before it is introduced

Electricity Amendment Bill 2022: In the winter session of Parliament, the Modi government may introduce the Electricity Amendment Bill- 2022. But when this bill is about to be introduced, opposition is already being seen. Many organizations including All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF), Association of Power Engineers and several opposition parties have started opposing the Electricity (Amendment) Bill- 2022. 

After this bill is passed, the customers as well as the employees will be neglected, these protesting churches say. The Standing Committee of the Parliament has held many meetings regarding this Bill. Meanwhile, on November 23, there will be protests in the capital Delhi regarding the Electricity Amendment Bill. There is such information.

AIPEF spokesperson VK Gupta highlighted that while finalizing the draft of the Electricity Amendment Bill, 2021, consumers and electricity sector workers and engineers were neglected. So through this amendment bill, the central government is going to provide the facility of power supply to private houses through the government power distribution network for power distribution. Therefore, AIPEF has demanded that the central government should take care of the interests of consumers, employees and engineers.

Will the Electricity Amendment Bill be introduced in the winter session?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also targeted the Modi government while opposing the Electricity Amendment Bill. Kejriwal has said that the Electricity Amendment Bill is actually not good for electricity consumers. Therefore, the electricity problem in the country will become more serious instead of improving. Along with this, the suffering of common people will also increase. Only a few companies will benefit from this amendment bill. Kejriwal has said that I appeal to the central government not to rush it.

Why oppose the bill?

The Electricity Amendment Bill proposes a change in the distribution licensing process, including the proposed distribution registration. The amendment bill is being opposed by electricity workers and engineers. These congregations have taken a stand that if the ‘Electricity (Amendment) Bill-2022’ is passed in the Parliament without the consent of the electricity workers and common consumers, then the movement will start all over the country. Electricity workers and engineers will protest in Delhi on November 23 against this bill and to implement the old pension restoration scheme.

What is the demand for electricity workers? 

The issue of regularization of contract workers by ending outsourcing by many organizations related to the power sector will also be raised in this protest in Delhi. The rally will start from Ramlila Maidan and end at Jantar Mantar. Several associations, including the Noida-based All India Power Engineers Federation, said that in August this year, the Lok Sabha had referred the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022 to the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Energy Affairs, but the Standing Committee has not yet cleared it. Electricity workers have been approved. There has been no discussion about this with the general consumers.

Conferences of electricity workers and engineers are being held across the country ahead of the November 23 march in Delhi. Recently, the central government sent the warning of a nationwide strike by the electricity workers to the standing committee of the parliament under the pressure of the farmers’ agitation, but the standing committee of the parliament has not yet discussed with any of the stakeholders. Therefore, in such a situation, the employees feel that this bill should not be approved in its current form in the winter session itself.

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