Kerala Assembly Ruckus: Opposition MLAs lying on the ground outside Kerala Assembly Speaker’s office, guards forcibly removed, video viral

Kerala Assembly Ruckus: Opposition MLAs lying on the ground outside Kerala Assembly Speaker’s office, guards forcibly removed, video viral

UDF MLA’s Protest At Kerala Assembly Speaker’s Office: Members of the United Democratic Front (UDF), the Congress-led opposition alliance in Kerala, on Wednesday (March 15) protested in the Assembly alleging favoritism. Chairman A. N. Marched towards Shamseer’s office and protested there. In fact, MLAs of opposition parties have been protesting for the past few days against the Speaker’s decision to deny permission to present notices for their adjournment motions on several important issues.

When the ruckus started

As soon as the proceedings of the house started, the MLAs of the opposition parties started a ruckus after the Speaker Shamseer announced that he would not allow the opposition’s notice of adjournment motion on women’s safety. He ‘‘ President judge’’ They shouted slogans holding the banner of the Congress and then came out of the house and went towards the Speaker’s office built in the premises itself.

‘Watch and Ward’ Some UDF MLAs tried to forcefully move forward after being stopped by the employees of the UDF, which created a situation of chaos in front of the office. After this, the MLAs staged a sit-in in front of the office and raised slogans against the Speaker.  Security guards were seen lifting the MLAs and removing them from the building.

Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) MLAs, who lay on the ground refusing to budge, were forcibly removed outside Speaker AN Shamsheer’s office. ‘Watch and Ward’ The employees of the ‘House Marshal’ Also called. They oversee the security of the state legislature and act under the direction of the speaker and secretary of the legislature.

MLA ill

When there was a heated argument and scuffle between the MLAs and the security personnel in the House, Chalakudy MLA TJ Sanish Kumar Joseph started having some health problems, after which he was sent to the medical room. The Congress-led UDF alleged that the ‘watch and ward’ Apart from the staff of the BJP, some ruling MLAs and some ministers’ staff manhandled them.

According to him, senior MLA and former Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan was pushed and four-five women marshals assaulted MLA K.K. K twisted Rema’s hand and dragged her on the floor. Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly VD Satheesan told reporters that four of his MLAs Rema, AKM Ashraf, TV Ibrahim and Sanish Kumar were injured in the incident.

V D Satheesan said, ‘‘ The democratic rights of the opposition are constantly neglected in the House. We tried to move the issue of brutal attack on a minor girl recently as an adjournment motion, but the Speaker rejected the notice without any valid reason.’’

He alleged that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is pressurizing the Speaker to ignore the rights of the MLAs. Satheesan alleged that Speaker AN Shamsheer was acting in a biased manner under pressure from CM Vijayan. He also said that the Chief Minister is scared of questions and wants to end the current session quickly.

< p style ="text-align: justify;">V D Satheesan also sought immediate action against ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) MLAs Sachin Dev and H Salam, besides Deputy Chief Marshal, for assaulting opposition legislators.

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