Karnataka Government Formation: How Congress broke the deadlock in Karnataka, read full timeline of 72 hours

Karnataka Government Formation: How Congress broke the deadlock in Karnataka, read full timeline of 72 hours

Karnataka Government Formation: After the resounding victory in Karnataka, grand preparations have started for the Chief Minister’s oath. Congress has approved the name of Siddaramaiah for CM. State Congress President DK Shivkumar has been assigned the post of Deputy CM but this election was not easy for the Congress. The tough fight between Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar had created a dilemma for the Congress. For this, a round of marathon meetings went on for 3 days from Bangalore to Delhi and finally the Gandhi family also had to enter the fray to solve this knot.

Let’s see what happened in 72 hours and finally how Congress decided

Sunday 14 May

Election results were declared on 13 May in which the Congress won a clear majority by winning 135 seats. The next day, on Sunday (14) May, a meeting of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) was held to elect the leader. Here a one line resolution was passed and the right to choose the leader of the Legislature Party was handed over to the Congress President.

Monday 15 May (morning) 

The three observers appointed by the Congress sought the opinion of the MLAs regarding the next Chief Minister. For this, secret voting was also done with the MLAs. Regarding this report, the three observers left for Delhi at around 10 am and handed over the report to the Congress President there. Mallikarjun Kharge discussed the report with party general secretary KC Venugopal and Karnataka in-charge Randeep Surjewala late on Monday night. 

Monday afternoon

Meanwhile news came that DK Shivkumar has canceled his proposed visit to Delhi. After this, the Congress President met DK Suresh, brother of DK Shivakumar in Delhi and gave a message to the State Congress President of Karnataka to come to Delhi. Meanwhile Siddaramaiah reached Delhi.

Tuesday afternoon

The round of meetings continued at the Congress President’s residence since Monday. Meanwhile, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi met Kharge. KC Venugopal was also present in this meeting. According to sources, Rahul Gandhi referred to the party’s practice of supporting MLAs in the selection of the chief minister without naming him.

Tuesday evening

On the evening of May 16, DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah came to meet Congress President Kharge’s residence in turn. However, the Congress termed it as a courtesy meeting and kept mum on the CM’s claim. According to sources, the Congress president sought their opinion from both the leaders.

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