Karnataka: Dancing wearing burqa is expensive, suspension of four students

Dancing in Burqa to Bollywood Song : Dancing in Burqa to Bollywood Song has become expensive for students. The principal has suspended four students in this case. This incident has taken place in St Joseph Engineering College in Mangaluru, Karnataka. Students have been suspended for wearing burqas and dancing to Bollywood songs at an event. The principal said, ‘This was not part of the formal programme. The college does not support activities that disrupt communal harmony.’

Viral video sparks furore

Students of St. Stephen’s College, Mangaluru during a student union program ‘Teri Foto Ko Parhan Se’ Danced on the Bollywood song Yaar…’. After the video of this dance went viral, there was an uproar. Because the students were wearing veil while dancing. Other students are reported to have been suspended for allegedly objecting.

St.Joseph Engineering College, #Mangaluru @SJEC_Mangaluru has suspended students who danced in #Burqa on a Bollywood song. College says students from Muslim community itself barged on stage during an event, inquiry has been ordered. This dance was not part of approved program. pic.twitter.com/incilomjUf

— Yasir Mushtaq (@path2shah) December 8, 2022

Statement issued by the college

On the viral video, the college has issued a statement saying that the video of the dance of students wearing burqas has gone viral on social media. happening The incident took place during the inauguration of the student union. This dance was not part of the scheduled program.

It was not part of the approved program and the students involved have been suspended pending enquiry. The college does not support or condone any activities that could harm the harmony between communities and everyone. (2/2)

— St Joseph Engineering College, Mangaluru (@SJEC_Mangaluru) December 8, 2022

Dance of students wearing burkha

Meanwhile, according to the information that has come to light, the student who danced wearing burkha on the stadium is a student of the same college. The college has clarified its stand by saying, ‘We do not support any such activities in the college which will create discord in the society.’

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