Is the situation going to be like Corona due to H3N2 virus? Expert told – how deadly it is

Is the situation going to be like Corona due to H3N2 virus?  Expert told – how deadly it is

Influenza Case Spike: A sudden spurt has been seen in the case of influenza (H3N2 Virus) in the country. Meanwhile, two patients have died due to the virus, which has increased the concern. Questions are arising in the minds of people whether influenza is fatal. Along with this, there is also a fear in the minds of the people whether it is not going to be as dangerous as the Corona epidemic.

According to experts, the increase in cases of influenza is normal. Dr. Dhiren Gupta of Delhi-based Gangaram Hospital told ANI that it is the result of the lockdown due to Corona that there have been no cases of influenza in children in the last two years. He also said that under normal circumstances this virus is not fatal.

Cases increasing due to this
Dr. Gupta said, “Due to the corona (lockdown), there were no cases of influenza in children in two years. Now once again the activity has become normal. This is the reason why cases of H3N2 virus, which is the normal variant of influenza, are being seen more in children.” 

He further said, “H3N2 is antigenic drift and a mild mutation, but it is not fatal. Whatever may be the virus, if there is some other disease along with it, then the possibility of death increases. Vaccine efficacy against H3N2 is low and our vaccination this year is also low."text-align: justify;">Will the situation be like that of Corona?
Many people are afraid of increasing cases that these situations may become like the Corona period. PTI quoted Tarun Sahni, Senior Consultant, Department of Internal Medicine, Apollo Hospital, as saying that the number of hospitalizations is very low. Admission has been reported in only 5 percent of cases. 

Dr. Sahni has advised people not to panic and said that we should take preventive measures in the same way as were done during the time of Corona.

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