‘India to protect itself…’, PM Modi gave this answer to the Japanese media on the question of China’s growing power

‘India to protect itself…’, PM Modi gave this answer to the Japanese media on the question of China’s growing power

PM Modi On China: PM Modi has gone on a tour of Japan for the G-7 summit. PM met leaders of many countries in Hiroshima. Amid China’s military expansion in the South China Sea and East China Sea, PM Modi said on Saturday (May 20) that India will defend its sovereignty and integrity by promoting peaceful resolution of maritime disputes on the basis of international law. Committed to doing. 

PM said in an interview with Japan’s newspaper ‘Yomiuri Shimbun’ that India is fully prepared and committed to protect its sovereignty and dignity. He stressed that the future of India-China relations can only be based on mutual respect, mutual sensitivity and mutual interests. India stands for sovereignty, peaceful resolution of disputes and adherence to international law. 

What will India do for world peace?

"G7 and G20 summits are important platforms"

PM Modi said that India gives priority to address these concerns and emphasizes on human-centered development with the cooperation of Japan and other partners. He said India aims to act as a bridge between diverse voices and promote a constructive agenda focused on achieving shared objectives for the betterment of humanity. The G7 and G20 summits are important forums for global cooperation.  

What about the Russia-Ukraine war?

When asked about the Prime Minister’s views on Russia’s attack on Ukraine and India’s stand on India’s abstention from voting on UN resolutions and negative reactions to the increase in oil imports from Russia, PM Modi said that India Advocates dialogue and diplomacy to resolve disputes and prioritizes the welfare of those affected by rising prices of essential commodities.

PM Modi said that India stayed away from the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly condemning the aggression, but it is committed to maintaining the United Nations Charter, international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity. India supports a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis and stands ready to make a constructive contribution to the United Nations and beyond. 

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