‘India to become world’s third largest economy in next four years’; A report by Morgan Stanley

Indian Economy : Compared to other Asian emerging markets like Korea and Taiwan, India’s economic position is positive, said Morgan Stanley’s Emerging Market Equity Strategist Jonathan Garner in an interview to a news channel. India is one of the most expensive markets. One is and India has seen revenue growth in FY22, while economies like Korea and Taiwan have been hit by semiconductor shortages. Garner said the Indian economy is better among emerging markets and the market outlook is positive on low inflation and low rate hikes for 2023.

Looking forward to a new era of economic development

Analysts working in various sectors are expecting a new era of economic growth, according to a research paper by Morg Stanley, and it is seeing amazing changes in India such as increasing India’s share of global output, increasing credit availability, creating new businesses, improving quality of life and promoting growth. Garner has also said that they will come.

“We believe India will overtake Japan and Germany to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2027 and the third-largest stock market by the end of this decade,” Ridham Desai, Chief Equity Strategist for India at Morgan Stanley said. As a result, India will gain power in the global system and this will mark a generational change and an opportunity for investors and companies.

Data from Morgan Stanley has also shown that MNCs’ sentiment about India’s investment outlook is at an all-time high. The data suggests that the share of manufacturing in India’s GDP could increase from 15.6 percent to 21 percent by 2031, doubling India’s export market share in the process.

What is Morgan Stanley?  

Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm headquartered in New York City, New York, United States serving a variety of corporations, governments, financial institutions and individuals. Morgan Stanley operates in 36 countries worldwide with more than 600 offices and more than 60,000 employees.

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